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Telford Walk Week
    May 27th to June 2nd 2024 

The former Get Telford Walking has now morphed into Telford Walk Week , with more council support and a wider variety of activities.

We are still on the lookout for some leaders and back markers for the Sunday and for the Coronation Walks, please contact if you would like to be involved, training will be provided.

Monday to Saturday

There are  a wide variety of walks, many aimed at families from a wide variety of providers.   Details of all the events  will be available shortly.  The programme will include walks put on specially for the week, a note of the regular walking opportunities . New this year will be a chance to walk each of the new  Telford Coronation Walks. 


On Sunday there will be free  buses back from the Dark Lane carpark at 4.15  to  Madeley, Blists Hill, Coalport,  Oakengates, Wellington, Bratton , Shawbirch, Donnington ,  Muxton, Lilleshall and Newport.    Booking is essential for these buses

On Sunday there will be  three walks on the T50 , and two  on the Silkin Way ,  picking up as they go, converging on the Town Park at 3 pm.  In addition the last 2 Coronation Walks, covering 15 and 16 combined, or just 15, will also end, or call in to, the celebration. 

Details of the Sunday  T50 and Silkin Way routes  are below,  Booking and full details of the pick ups will be available shortly.

Route 1.  South West  Anti Clockwise  from  Blists Hill  (8 miles)

Pick-ups at the Golden Ball, Ironbridge (7 miles), Woodside (5.5 miles), Dawley Pools (3.5 miles), Aqueduct (3.5 miles), Madeley Court Street, far end on the T50 (2 miles).

  Bus back to  Madeley and Blists Hill , if booked,

Route 2.  North West  From Shawbirch to Tee Lake, Dothill then Clockwise with a short cut (17.5 miles)

Pick-ups at Leegomery (15 miles), Wellington (13.5 miles), Horsehay (9 miles), Lawley (8 miles), Ketley (5.5 miles), Oakengates (4 miles).  Bus back to  Wellington and Shawbirch, if booked,

Route 3.  North East Clockwise  from  Newport  (10.5 miles)

Pick-ups at Lilleshall (8 miles), Muxton (6 miles), Granville Country Park (5 miles), St Georges (3 miles), Priorslee (2.5 miles).  Bus back to Donnington,  Muxton, Lilleshall or Newport, if booked,

Route 4.  Silkin Way from the South   Coalport  (4.5 miles)

Starting  at: The Silkin Way Wheel,  TF6 7HZ  (4.5 miles) , then picking up at   the Legges Way underpass  TF7 4HB (3miles)    and  Aqueduct -Chapel Lane  (1.5 miles)   Bus back to  Madeley and Coalport, if booked,

Route 5.  Silkin Way from the   North  From Bratton (9 miles)

Starting  at: The Silkin Way Wheel,  TF5 0ED  (9 miles) , then picking up at  the Leegomery Community Centre  TF1 6NA (6 miles) ,  Hadley Park Lock TF1 6AN (5 miles), Trench, Capewell Rd TF2 6QQ(3.5 miles)    and  Oakengates -Canongate  (2 miles)    Bus back to  Oakengates and Bratton if booked,

If you are nostalgic for  earlier events, here are the details  for 2023,  2022 and 2019

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