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2018 news 

The Launch

The main news of 2018 is that the team thought up , designed , waymarked and lauched the trail. See about and  the launch page.


Flickr Group for the Trail

 There is now a Flickr Group with some great photos ,

Central Hall.jpg

Bus Services

There were significant changes to the Bus services in July 2018.  The  bus information on leaflets 1:2, 2, 4 and 5  is a bit out of date  but AFAIK the information here is correct.  We found the Arriva site confusing and the on-line planner doesn't seem to deal with the new  route 19 at all well. In September Wellington Walkers are Welcome showed that the whole trail could be walked in easy stages entirely by bus from Wellington. This site  seems to be up to date and easy to use.

T50 Waymarker sign final OT_2 large (1).jpg

Clock Tower in Priorslee

The clock tower in Priorsleee was, for a time.  only the site of the clock tower. It has now, December 2019, been rebuilt.  

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