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 If you have completed the trail, no matter how long it took you, and you would like to be listed on this page please contact us,  If you would like a certificate like the one pictured ,  please tell us  the date (or e.g. March- July 2019) , and anything special  like a charity you supported or your time.  We will email the certificate to you as a pdf. 


All 50 miles 

in one go 


15th June 2019  11 hours 13 mins

Matthew Ashton

23rd  June 2019  14 hours 3 mins

Anth Rowley

January 2019  18hr 15 mins

Michelle Armour (Framlingham)

Julia Birtles (Cannock)

Nigel Dean (Chesterfield)

Michael Fletcher (Swaffham)

Linda Gould (Stratford on Avon)

Paul Henderson (Framlingham)

Tim Hughes (Ludlow)

Peter Ibison (Lichfield)

Janet Pitt-Lewis (Shrewsbury, 2nd completion)

John Potter (Telford, 2nd completion)

Michael Sandbrook (Telford, 2nd completion)

 Launch Day  June 2018 19 hours

Helen Franklin (Kent)

Ed Morris

Janet Pitt Lewis

John Potter

Mike Sandbrook

Geoff Sproson

31st August  2019 21 hours 47 mins

Supporting Ava's Angels

Adam Brookes

Adrian Cox

Andrew Biggin

Craig Hackman

Jon Drew

Lee Campbell

Shaun Parkes

21st June 2019 22hrs 45 mins

Chas Kay

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Consecutively in up to a week


Mandy Fitton    3 days Oct 2018

Chas Kay  4 days May  2019

Paul Kemlo  4 days May 2019

Anna Morris    2.5 days Aug 2018  

John Morris  4 days May 2o19

Will Morris   3 days Oct 2018

Naomi Wrighton  5 days Sep 2018

David Rogers Sep 2019 

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In your own time and your own way


William Ashton (aged 8)

Nicola Bierton

Jennifer Deacon (and, for most, Barnsley)

Jean Escott

Sue Gorton

Jacqui Hardy-Lane

Mike Hemming

Heather Janes

Sheila Jones

Trudy Jones 

Chas Kay

John Morris

Tricia Peak

Aaron Perry & Ziva 'The Jack Russell'

Tynk Robertson

Manel Roura

Gregory Vernon

Drew Warburton

David Whalley

Reynold Williams

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