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This page documents  suggestions for circular walks of various lengths using parts of the trail.  Further suggestions and comments welcome  These pages are still under construction and are not all in the same  format. The RunGo turn by turn audible  directions are also being developed gradually. 

To download the .gpx files please go to our new File Share page.

Note:  These walks are not waymarked and are NOT the Telford Coronation Walks- see here for those

Circular Walks based on the Trail 

 Walks from Coalbrookdale-

1, 1.7 and 4  miles

View from the Rotunda

 Walks from Ketley, Hadley  and Oakengates

3.5 miles from Ketley , with many alternative starts. 

Hadley Walks  of 5.2 miles  (Wheelchair friendly route 3.8 miles) and 5.4   miles. (Wheelchair friendly variation is 3.25 miles) .


Also has a link to the Miners Trail. 

Ketley Bus Shelter

 Walks from Lilleshall -

3.6 miles, 5.4 miles, 6.25 miles or 7.5 miles.

Alternative starts at Church Aston for the longer ones and Newport or Church Aston for the longest two.

Lilleshall Monument

Walk from Leegomery
1 mile 
Short buggy and child bike friendly walk around the play places in the centre of Leegomery


Walk from Madeley via Aqueduct and Little Dawley
4 miles 
Alternative starts at Madeley  Court (3.5 miles) or Little Dawley or Aqueduct  (3 miles, or 4 miles including Madeley centre)


 Walks from New Works and Horsehay - 1.6 miles, 4.9 miles, 5.8 miles or 6.8 miles from New Works. Alternative starts at Horsehay and  Lawley for the medium ones and at Little Wenlock for the  longest one.

Walk of 2.3 miles and 3.75 miles  from Horsehay, with an alternative start at Little Dawley for the longer one,

New Works Restored Open Cast Site

Walks from Sutton Hill/ CoalPort/ Jackfield 

2 miles, 4 miles or 4.5 miles, 5 miles 

Alternative starts at Coalport or Jackfield for the 4 and 4.5 mile routes.

Starts at Jackfield or Broseley for the 5 mile route.

The T50, Monarch's Way and  the Silkin Way

 Walks from Wellington -
5 miles of Stage 4a (alternative starts at Apley and Leegomery), 
1.4 miles from the PRH
and links to others. 

Yew Avenue in Apley Woods
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