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Roll of Honour / Hall of Fame /Certificates

 If you have completed the trail, no matter how long it took you, and you would like to be listed on this page please contact us,  If you would like a certificate like the one pictured ,  please tell us  the date (or e.g. March- July 2019) , and anything special  like a charity you supported or your time.  We will email the certificate to you as a pdf. 



All 50 miles 

in one go 


 8th August 2020

8 hours 24 mins 30 secs

 Phill Birkett

 15th September 2019

 10 hours 54 mins

Michael McCarroll

Duane Roberts

Brian Taylor

 3rd July 2023

 15 hours 32 mins

Jon Aston

29th October 2022

18 hours 28:55 mins

In Support of CALM's

Lost Hours Event 

Andy Brady

Giles Carey

Lee Campbell  

29th July 2021 

18 hours 30 mins  

Lea Evans  

19th June 2021 

20 hours  

Sheenagh and Harvey Unwin

Contact or tell us on Facebook​ to appear here 


Consecutively in up to a week



Matthew Ashton 5 days May 2020

William Ashton (age 8)  5 days May 2020

Kathryn Allen  4 days Sep 2019

Dave Cooke 4 days Mar 2021

Vera Lawley  4 days Sep 2019

Malcolm Skelton 4 days Mar 2021

Naomi Wrighton  4 days Sep 2019

Contact or tell us on Facebook​ to appear here 


In your own time and your own way



Ian Donnellanin order,

Aug- Sep 2020

Derek Haughton, in order,

Sep - Nov 2018


Chas Kay, in order,

July-Aug 2020

Jane McKenna, in order,

Aug- Sep 2020

Carol Round, in order,

July-Aug 2020

Annette Sandel, in order,

July-Aug 2020

Anne Suffolk

Chris Westwood

Georgina Westwood

June-Oct 2020

Gregory Vernon


Contact or tell us on Facebook to appear here 

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