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Known problems and diversions- Updated regularly

Added on 18th May  Stage 7- St Georges

Currently, July 2023, we think that all is well on the trail .  Please tell us  if you know otherwise.Due to recent heavy rain the steps up and down  towards the cricket club in St Georges are very slippery,  If you want to avoid these,  turn left after crossing the bridge. Follow the tarmac footpath until the first road , Checkley Lane. Go down this road and take the second turn on the left , Cricketers Lane. At the end, turn right until a footpath sign , turn left then straight across the field to a stile. Cross the stile then turn right until you rejoin the route at the underpass,  This is the green route on the map. (there are other alternatives with more road and less interest  as you can see on the map.) 


Added 12th April 2021  Stage 6 Oakengates - up to 12 weeks

A section of Route-6 within Oakengates - the footbridge that crosses the rail tracks between Station Fields and Hancocks Drive - will be closed for approximately 12-weeks from Monday 12th April.

The easiest & closest alternative route is to use the nearby footbridge that can be accessed through the railway station. The station is open so you would need to be mindful of the trains and passengers whilst accessing the platforms. When you come out of the station head for the road, turn right at the roundabout into Station Road then turn left to rejoin the T50 at the foot of Canongate.  Follow the green route, not the existing red route, below.

Take care crossing Station Road.

Oakengates Diversion

Added 12th April 2021  Stage 1 Little Dawley - Ongoing

This is a photo from last year, but currently (April 2021)  the trail is underwater again in Little Dawley. The easiest diversion is to follow the Ironbridge Way between the edge of Wide Waters and the crossing of the old railway line . Now there are other tracks on the ground and we originally  avoided the IBW as the alternative is normally more scenic. 


To join 

Choose one or more legs from the map then register to say which you have chosen,  If you click on the links below you will find a RunGo map for each leg separately. These will give you the distance and a  gpx file . The gpx files are also available here on the fileshare.  RunGo gives audible instructions for navigation. The instructions have been derived automatically and have not been checked. Please let us know if any are very misleading, or if vital turns are missing, then we can edit them. 

The legs are relatively short so you could do them as an out and back walk/run or devise another way back. We could give advice on this if you ask.

Any queries to

As far as we know, as of November 2023, there are no diversions needed on the trail  Some sections may be very wet or muddy though, so please take care.  

Please let us know if you know otherwise

March/April 2023: Temporary diversion in St Georges.
This is by the cricket/hockey pitches in St Georges. The path is closed for works on the bank, possibly until 16th April. There is a simple diversion (the diversion was actually the original route at the planning stage, but we were told there was a question mark over the status of Burma Road, so we changed it.) Now there is no real alternative but to use the , very well used, Burma Road. See the map and photos above. The diversion is the red line between the 2 blue arrows. Going clockwise the diversion is obvious. Going anticlockwise you need to turn right, instead of left,at the top of Snowhill, then turn left at the end of the Churchyard.

Added 28th November 2021  Stage 1 Little Dawley - 

The T50 trail alongside Wide Waters in Little Dawley is blocked at the moment and impassable due to fallen trees as a result of Storm Arwen. The easiest diversion is to follow the Ironbridge Way between the edge of Wide Waters and the crossing of the old railway line. Please take care walking through woodlands in the next few days as there may be other wind blown obstructions and weakened boughs. These will be cleared but it may take some time. We will update this site as soon as we know more.

Tree storm damage.jpg

Stage 1.  Railway line, Rough Park  WARNING

This is not a diversion, just a warning. Although you may have got used to no trains on this line, it is now being used to test a light train, so please take care .


January 2022 

We know that there are still several trees across the route in various places. AFAIK you can get around all these, although some, especially between Halfway House and Wrekin Course need care.  The one pictured is on the Ercall. 



Currently, unless you are very nimble,  we recommend using the main path from the Halfway House on The Wrekin to the Forest Glen, then continuing to the reservoir exit. See the yellow route between the red arrows.



Please let us know of any particularly difficult ones elsewhere. 

Ercall Junction.jpg

Horsehay circular 3.75 miles .  Via Little Dawley (where there is an alternative start) and Lightmoor. 


Here is a turn by turn version on RunGo (partially edited)


OS Route::



The walk instructions are  in this pdf

Squatters Cottage

 Walks from New Works and Horsehay - 1.6 miles, 4.9 miles, 5.8 miles or 6.8 miles from New Works. Alternative starts at Horsehay and  Lawley for the medium ones and at Little Wenlock for the  longest one.

Walk of 2.3 miles and 3.75 miles  from Horsehay, with an alternative start at Little Dawley for the longer one,

To download the .gpx files please go to our new File Share page.

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